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Jun, 2024

Plays of the Week

Charlie Hustle and Teddy Ballgame have been quite the pair during recent playoff games.

Bases loaded, tight game, both teams down to their final few outs of the season. You thought the air was thick? The tension was suffocating. With no outs and a big inning ready to swing the game faster than you can blink, Charlie circled a pop fly at second base; out number 1. Always a heady player and the owner of the baseball IQ of a pro, he quickly took off towards the runner caught off the bag at first; tagged him for out number 2. Not satisfied with a double play, Charlie Hustle sprinted out towards second base in an attempt to get to the bag before the runner could get back; out number 3. End of the threat, end of the inning, all momentum on the resilient Timber Rattlers’ side.
Fast forward to the bottom of the 5th. It’s a tie game 7-7. The Redwings had just put up a great inning to knock the Rattlers back on their heels and they tied the game. The first two batters in the bottom of the 5th gave it their all, but got out. Up steps Collins who knocks a single. Riley moves her to second with a base knock. Charlie moves everyone around with a third consecutive single of the inning and his third hit of the game to go 3-3 in the game. Finally, with two outs and the game in the balance, Teddy stepped up to the plate with his “Little Boo Thang” walk up music playing behind up. The look in his eye and the swagger in his step suggested he was ready for the moment. On the first pitch of his third at bat, he cracks a single up the gut. A great play by the Redwings shortstop made it a race to second base to potentially decide the outcome of the game. As if it were happening in slow motion, Charlie legged it out by a half step. With Collins having crossed the plate and the umpire signaling safe, Teddy Ballgame walked it off to keep the Timber Rattlers’ season alive! 
Update- The Rattlers battled back from an early 7-0 deficit powered by 4-4 hitting from Charlie Hustle, Teddy Ballgame, and the Olivia. Down 1 going to the bottom of the 5th, we loaded the bases and tied the game. Teddy Ballgame stepped to the plate to deliver back to back walk offs to keep these Resilient Rattlers' playoff run alive.

Way to go, Rattlers!!! Best of luck in your next game!


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